The Wine-N-Vine Inc. Is a TRUSTED
{Brew and Grow}
Since 2005!

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About Us

Easy Affordable & Fun! We Love TO HELP!

The Wine-N-Vine Inc.

Has been a TRUSTED Business since 2005! Serving 

 The BEST Interest for our Customers!!! 

           "No Age Limit's" 

Nothing Better then HOME-BREW &

Homegrown Herb's, Veggies, 

Hydroponic supplies & all Gardening Needs Lighting , Nutrients, Growing Mediums, Containers, Everything for your Hydroponic, Aquaponics, Bubbleponics, ( D.W.C. ) Aeroponics


Brewing Supplies also Beer & Wine Brewing Kit's & Equipment  Kit's  Also Everything for B.Y.O.  Bottles, Corks, Caps, Sanitize, Fruit Bases, Hydrometer's 25%

Moonshine Supplies: 20% ABV, Just 5 Days  Yeast, Amylase,  Enzymes, Grains

Hydrometer's 200%

Bonnie & I ( Jeffrey ) Started this business in July 15th 2005

We offer the BEST Beer & Wine Making Experience around. 

We are told we are cheaper then Amazons!

We are Small,, But we have a lot of stuff to offer,,regardless what some may say!  or think!  And if we don't have what your looking for We can Order it! 

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Hydroponics, D.W.C. , Aquaponics

We are a TRUSTED Company that offers you the Complete Desecration

We offer Lighting, Growing Mediums, Containers, Warranties!! ( CAN'T GET THIS FROM CHINE) with our Lighting & Light Bulbs,  CyCo Nutrients It's Only The Best  Also FoxFarm & Emeral Harvest Micro Grow & Bloom.  

FoxFarm Soil, Ocean Forest $21.95 & Happy Frog! $22.95  

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The Wine-N-Vine Inc.

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